What is #Metalgate?

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December 16, 2014 by heavymetalblunder

Twitter and the Internet has recently created another ‘storm in a tea cup’, called #Metalgate. #Metalgate has appeared in several blogs and websites over the weekend and also a very tedious video commentary. Which means we have reached that point in December, which like in the closed season for football, all the bands are at home with their families for Christmas and there is nothing to write or talk about.

Gene Simmons isn’t insulting depressed people, Corey Taylor isn’t kicking people out of his/their bands and there is no new Devin Townsend albums. So How to waste time and irritate people by The Internet has been dusted off, and the chapter on #(insert something)gate has been played out.



Dr. Angus McCoverdale from the Institute of Heavy Metal twitter trends commented:

The past weekend represented that point in December when a lot of people had kind of finished their Christmas shopping and were a bit skint, so stayed at home and traded insults over the internet. Meaning plenty of bored writers started taking pot shots at each other over essentially nothing.

When asked about how situations like this could be avoided in the future Dr. Coverdale explained:

It’s the internet, it’s full of cunts, but don’t take them seriously. Music is a beautiful thing. People listen to something, decide they like a particular rhythm and sound, often without seeing the recording artists. They then start a band with their friends and inspire other people. It’s not based on race, colour, religion, sex, football team or sexual orientation but how they phrase the 12 different musical notes available.

A lot of the commenting websites and blogs seem to be missing the overriding point. If you like metal and see something wrong with metal music or the metal community, start a band and change it. Or you could just stop reading the Blabbermouth comments section.

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