Immortal ‘All Fall Out’


December 15, 2014 by heavymetalblunder

It has emerged this week that all is not well in the IMMORTAL camp. Frontman and guitarist Abbath (real name Olve Eikemo)has attempted to secure exclusive rights to the band’s name and logo, but this has been stopped by a lawyer representing lyricist Demonaz (Harald Nævdal) and drummer Horgh (Reidar Horghagen).

Abbath considered that Demonaz and Horgh had effectively quit the band after they moved their gear out of the rehearsal space and stopping paying their share of the rent for the building.

Immortal in happier times, from the 2002 Christmas card

Immortal in happier times, from the 2002 Christmas card

Judge Norse la Force reacted angrily when presented with the case and threw it straight out. He said.

Listen here you little pricks, coming in here and wasting my time.

If you’re going to put make-up on, prance about in the snow with axes and other weapons, then that’s how you’ll settle the damn thing.

Now get out of my sight, and sort it out between yourselves. You’re all fully grown adults.

The fight is rumored to be taking place behind the gym on the school field in Blashrykh on Friday at 3pm, which is when they used to have band practice.


The formal rules have also been announced, Abbath has said that he expects full corpse paint and the IMMORTAL uniform to be worn by all 3.With only weapons previously used in IMMORTAL photo shoots to be used or else they won’t be considered trve kvlt.

Bookmakers Paddy Power are currently not taking bets on the fight as they have never heard of IMMORTAL or this whole ridiculous saga.


3 thoughts on “Immortal ‘All Fall Out’

  1. ceciliehell says:

    ha ha ha nice christmas card

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  2. Hadrian_Black says:

    ROFL. I suppose they are taking their “All Shall Fall” ideology behind the school gym.

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