Metallica considering the possibility of new music, but later on.

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December 14, 2014 by heavymetalblunder

Rob Trujillo from Metallica has revealed the bands plans for the follow up release to 2008’s Death Magnetic

We’re considering the possibility of maybe looking into writing a schedule for a blueprint for some new music at some point. We’ve got a lot of things going on and new Metallica music has really taken a backseat for a while know.

What this means for the Metallica fans all over the world is, Metallica at some point in the future are considering the eventuality that they may want to record some new music at some point, so have begun to think about what that might entail and how they might do it. When they can work this in between extremely lucrative summer tours is the problem.

Trujillo laid down the itinerary for the next few years and that it wouldn’t be until after they have toured the 8th Anniversary of Death Magnetic next summer and then the 10th Anniversary of ‘Escape from the Studio 06‘ the following summer. But, as soon as all that was out of the way, if there is not plans to release a computer game based on the song ‘Ain’t my Bitch‘ from ‘Load’, a Broadway musical based on the rehearsals for ‘Lulu‘ or the 20th Anniversary of Garage Inc tour, they might discuss plans for a new album.


Trujillo stated

It’s really exciting being in the Metallica family at the moment, as there is always so much going on outside of the artistic end of the band like films and other vanity projects. I mean the 10th Anniversary of Some Kind of Monster was awesome, the fans loved it. I’m not really sure why it happened, but Lars mentioned something about revenue streams. Whatever that is.

I really think the action figures that are being released for Christmas are really cool as well, Phil the ‘performance enhancement coach’ comes with changeable jumpers.

The guys really love making music though, it’s really special when we get together in the rehearsal room. I’m really looking forward to getting back in there and writing some new material over the next decade at some point.


Laurence Barbeck commented on the Metallica Facebook wall something that we think sums up the approach needed to be taken with Metallica.

Stop fucking buying all the other shit that they do. Stop going to all the tours, 3D films and buying the re-released Blue-Rays until they record a new album. If we all stop then they’ll have to make a new album.





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